Fitness Testing

Fitness Testing


It’s a well-known fact that having a strong bike generally leads to having a strong run.


Many athletes lack progression because they lack specificity in their training.


Bike fitness and bike specific training zones often get overlooked and that is where I can help.


Having tested well over 100 triathletes, being a certified Wattbike Advanced Practitioner and having studied cycling technique and training at degree level, I can help you get that bike split you’ve always wanted and hopefully that strong run that so many think is down to weak run fitness when in fact, a weak run is more related to weak bike fitness.


Testing comprises of two Wattbike test on two separate occasions (usually approximately 7 days apart) in order to compile a full picture of your current fitness, highlighting any areas that may need specific work.


Test #1 comprises of a specific warm up, a short intense aerobic test to work out your “top end” and then a peak power test to finish off.


Test #2 comprises of a specific warm up and then a longer aerobic capacity test to see how good your endurance engine is.


Both tests take approximately 45 minutes to complete.


After both tests, you will be given a full report including your functional threshold power figures (FTP), your power to weight ratios, your bike heart rate and power training zones, a full in depth analysis of your pedal stroke and leg balance and some example bicycle sessions to improve any areas which you need to work on – see example report below.


Cost - £40 (this is for both tests and your full personalised report).