Robert H (Blackpool Aquatics Triathlon Squad Coach)

“Great ride out this morning with Pat and his team. Come for a ride they said. You will love it they said.......OMG.......Then that hill, wow, why is the bloody hill at the end of the course - that's just evil. Well it wasn't a pretty climb - lots of snot and tears, and never have I come so close to quitting but somehow with the right words from Pat I made it. That was the most epic and hardest training I have done and I just could not of done it without Pat keeping me motivated at all times - Cheers for that.”


Jackie B (Ironman Finisher)

“I remember Pat helping me round a lap of Ironman UK, he's a good motivator that's for sure.”


James H (Ironman Virgin)

“Was a great ride. Coach Pat is a legend. Can't wait for the next one.”


Vanessa H (Rossendale Triathlon Club Chair)

"Rossendale Triathlon Club have benefited immeasurably from having Patrick as our Head Coach for the past 2 years and he has motivated and educated a lot of our members from beginners to elite athletes. Patrick is approachable, friendly, and above all a very knowledgeable triathlete and coach who ensures his training sessions are performed in a safe and enjoyable environment. We cannot recommend Patrick highly enough and speaking on behalf of all our members he is without doubt an outstanding coach and has assisted so many of us in fulfilling our triathlon goals."


Justin H (Activate4 Sports Massage)

"Morning Pat, As you can see we have a fully fledged track session up and running, thanks in part to you, so really greatly appreciated those sessions, thank you."


Graeme C (Sub 5 Hour Half Ironman and Ironman Virgin)

"2016 will be the second season that Pat has been coaching me. As a result of the structured training plans I receive, I believe that my fitness and stamina levels have increased dramatically. I completed two half iron distance events last year and in the second race bettered my time by nearly 30 minutes. My work can sometimes mean unpredictable hours and time away. Pat never sees this as a problem and is flexible enough to incorporate this into my plan. Pat's real world attitude to triathlon training definitely works. I am more motivated and focused in my training and this is all down to Pat."


Lee C (Ironman Virgin)

"Patrick took a lot of time in the initial months to understand my aims, how much time I had to train, family and work pressures and my triathlon experience. My weekly schedules are always planned in advance following a wider plan aiming for my key race - IRONMAN UK 2016. I am able to schedule in holidays, work or times when I would not be able to train and therefore I never feel restricted by the training; in fact it is the opposite and has immediately took the stress out of training. Patrick is very approachable and always happy to talk through ideas, worries, thoughts and also to celebrate successful training periods or races. This opportunity to communicate is crucial for me. Patricks advice not only covers the training, resting, nutrition and planning, but also elements of race psychology, which is a big boost as sometimes you do feel ‘is it just me’… He's also instilled in the value of recovery during training and also after races. I would definitely recommend having a coach, and working with Patrick has been the best investment I’ve ever made in my Trialthon training."